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Priests of Creation/John Zizioulas on Discerning an Ecological Ethos

Just published, for those interested in Orthodox ecotheology. With many unpublished and translated from Greek texts


Based on a constructive reading of Scripture, the apostolic and patristic traditions and deeply rooted in the sacramental experience and spiritual ethos of the Orthodox Church, John Zizioulas offers a timely anthropological and cosmological perspective of human beings as “priests of creation” in addressing the current ecological crisis.

Given the critical and urgent character of the global crisis and by adopting a clear line of argumentation, Zizioulas describes a vision based on a compassionate and incarnational conception of the human beings as liturgical beings, offering creation to God for the life of the world. He encourages the need for deeper interaction with modern science, from which theology stands to gain an appreciation of the interconnection of every aspect of materiality and life with humankind. The result is an articulate and promising vision that inspires a new ethos, or way of life, to overcome our alienation from the rest of creation.

Table of Contents

Foreword, Archbishop Rowan Williams

Toward an Ecological Ethos: Theological Principles and Philosophical Presuppositions, John Chryssavgis and Nikolaos Asproulis

Chapter 1: The Eucharistic Vision of the World

Chapter 2: Preserving God’s Creation: Historical and Theological Perspectives

Chapter 3: Creation Theology: Patristic Perspectives

Chapter 4: Priests of Creation

Chapter 5: Laudato Si’: Ecumenical and Spiritual Perspectives

Chapter 6: The Book of Revelation and the Natural Environment

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