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Ο Αρχιεπίσκοπος Αλβανίας Αναστάσιος προς το “Φως Φαναρίου” σχετικώς με άρθρο του π. Ιω. Χρυσαυγή

Από το Γραφείο του Μακαριωτάτου Αρχιεπισκόπου Αλβανίας κ. Αναστασίου, λάβαμε και δημοσιεύουμε την παρακάτω διευκρίνιση σχετικά με αναφορά του π. Ιωάννου Χρυσαυγή στο άρθρο του που δημοσιεύσαμε: HAVE WE HIT ROCK BOTTOM? REFLECTIONS OF A NOT-SO-INNOCENT BYSTANDER

I am writing you regarding an article published on https://fosfanariou.gr/ yesterday May 12th. The article made an inaccurate claim regarding the statements of Archbishop Anastasios regarding the war in the Ukraine. Here is a short refutation of the claim with links to relevant statements.
In the Risen Lord,
The Office of Archbishop Anastasios 

The phrase that Archbishop Anastasios, Archdeacon Chryssavgis’ teacher and mentor, avoided to mention or to name Russia in regards to his statements on the war in Ukraine is not accurate. On March 13th he declared during his homily at the Resurrection of Christ Cathedral in Tirana, “We intensify our call for the immediate cessation of Russia’s fratricidal war against Ukraine, for the treatment of the wounded, for the relief of refugees, and for the avoidance of further escalations of hostilities” (https://fb.watch/cYJ0Xfa6lY/). Furthermore, in his Paschal message of 2022 he notes “In the course of these days, when pain, grief, and confusion, brought about by the fratricidal war of Russia against Ukraine, are overwhelming our thoughts and souls, referring to love may be seen as strange” (https://orthodoxalbania.org/2020/el/2022/04/21/ανάσταση-η-αγάπη-τελικά-θα-νικήσει-τ/). Moreover within the Peace Petitions of our services the clergy have been instructed to add these petitions “We pray for the immediate cessation of the fratricidal war of Russia against Ukraine…”

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